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Spiccio ORIENT is the comfortable table set of only 8 cm in diameter and 18 in height, which contains everything that customers of your Oriental Restaurant need, whether they choose Oriental Chopsticks or choose traditional Cutlery.


2 Chopsticks
1 Sauce pan
1 Fork
1 Knife
1 Napkin
1 Cup


Weight: 46.50 g
Size: 8 cm (diameter) x 18 (h)
Material: Paper
Color: Black


Size and Weight: Knife h 173 mm x 4.7 g
Fork h 173 mm x 5.5 g
Material: HIPS (Polistirene)
Color: Stainless steel coating

Sauces pan

Weight: 2.8 g
Size: h 20 mm x diam. 76 mm
Material: PP (polipropilene)
Color: Black


Weight: 4.7 g x 2 pezzi
Size: h 173 mm
Material: HIPS (polistirene)
Color: Black


Weight: 3.70 g
Size: 330 x 330 mm
Material: Microgroffato. in pura cellulosa
Color: Black


Volume: 255 cc – 8,7 Oz.
Size: 7,6 x 5,4 x 9,0 (h) cm
Material: Paper – PLA internal coating
Color: White
Weight: 5,3 gr – 200 gsm