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Why to buy?


Where there is a child, there is Spiccio Fun

Spiccio FUN is a MULTI-CHANNEL product: wherever there is a child there is Spiccio FUN.
Spiccio FUN can be used, in addition to the traditional Horeca channel, by:
– Distribution of toys
– Playgrounds
– Campsites
– Retail
– Holiday villages
– Animation and Parties
– Beaches and beaches


Turn your child’s meal into a playful moment

Surprise objects create appeal and appeal from the child. Spiccio FUN makes the meal a playful moment for children, who have fantastic gadgets to play and get distracted during and after the meal.



Spiccio FUN guarantees profitability because it is UNIQUE IN THE WORLD (protected by industrial patent).

Spiccio is the comfortable TABLE SET of only 8 cm in diameter and 18 in height, which contains everything needed to comfortably eat a meal.


1 Placemat to be colored
3 Crayons
1 Napkin
1 Fork
1 Knife
1 Spoon
1 Cup
1 Soaked wipe
2 Fantastic surprises


Weight: 46.50 g
Size: 8 cm (diameter) x 18 (h)
Material: Paper

Placemat to be colored

Weight: 50 gsm
Size: 450 x 350 mm
Colour White to be colored



Size and Weight: Knife h 173 mm x 4.7 g
Spoon h 173 mm x 6.3 g
Fork h 173 mm x 5.5 g
Material: HIPS (Polistirene)
Colour: Stainless steel coating


Weight: 3.70 g
Size: 330 x 330 mm
Material: Microgroffato. in pure cellulose
Colour: Fucsia


Volume: 255 cc – 8,7 Oz.
Size: 7,6 x 5,4 x 9,0 (h) cm
Material: Paper – PLA inner lining
Colour: White
Weight: 5,3 gr – 200 gsm

Soaked wipe

Weight: 5 g
Size: 228 x 113 mm
Material: Soaked cotton wool
Colour: White

2 Surprises