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the revolution is served.

Spiccio is the comfortable disposable kit ready to revolutionize the way of thinking to the table.
It is a cylinder (18 cm high x 8 cm diameter) that contains all the necessary components to eat a meal.


1 Placemat
1 Cup
1 Napkin
2 Forks
1 Knife
1 Spoon
1 Teaspoon
1 Bib
1 Wet tissue
2 Chopsticks
1 Sauce dish

Available in four colours colori

A versatile and easily recyclable cylinder, because it is entirely in cardboard and after opening,  it lends  to an infinity of uses.

Innovative for its practicality and low cost, Spiccio will cut you all costs.


easekeepCutlery made with Easekeep technology

An extraordinary and revolutionary product, a complete set of cutlery that doesn’t have peer among the traditional plastic disposable products.posate_01cutlery
t is not a simple product but a true technological revolution,
innovative in both the used materials and the production process. A process that gives the cutlery unique and extraordinary features, such as extreme flexibility, while maintaining a great rigidity and a special coating of pure stainless steel.

An important value of the Easekeep technology is the total safety of its products. The usual disposable cutlery are fragile, thin and not very elastic so they can easily break and leave parts or splinters in the meal that we are eating. These residues can cause cuts or even be ingested. This is a huge risk, especially if we think that consumers are often children or elderly people.
This danger is avoided by the Easekeep cutlery which, in its prodigious combination of robustness and elasticity, can be bent, crushed at every point, but it won’t break and therefore won’t release splinters.

The Easekeep cutlery hasn’t painted but it is coated by pure stainless steel, through a complex process known as “Vacuum Coating”. This process guarantees the non-existence of chemical residues and creates a barrier to any residuals of the internal plastic.

Easekeep cutlery has an extremely large consistency having the following specific average weights In addition it is safe and also an expression ofdesign, elegance and beauty.

Easekeep Technology is a Filed Patent, a global innovation that can be imitated but never matched.


Size and weight: Knife h 173 mm x 4.7 g
  Spoon h 173 mm x 6.3 g
  Fork h 173 mm x 5.5 g
  Teaspoon h 130 mm x 3.2 g
Material: HIPS (polystyrene)
Colour: Stainless steel coating


Weight and volume: 6.5 g x 300 ml
Size: h 112 mm x diam. 76 mm
Material: PP (polypropylene)
Colour: Transparent

Wet tissue

Weight: 5 g
Size: 228 x 113 mm
Material: Wet cotton wool
Colour: White
wet tissue
sauce dish

Sauce dish

Weight: 2.8 g
Size: h 20 mm x diam. 76 mm
Material: PP (polypropylene)
Colour: Black


Weight: 4.7 g x 2 pezzi
Size: h 173 mm
Material: HIPS (polystyrene)
Colour: Black


Weight: 50 gsm
Size: 400 x 590 mm
Material: TNT in PP (polipropilene)
Colour: Lilac, burgundy, gray, black


Weight: 3.70 g
Size: 330 x 330 mm
Material: Micro-embossed of pure cellulose
Colour: Lilac, burgundy, gray, black


Weight: 60 gsm
Size: 450 x 350 mm
Material: TNT in PP (polipropilene)
Colour: Lilac, burgundy, gray, black


The Horeca kit was created to offer practicality and convenience of all the restaurant business who do not want to give up aesthetics. And ‘suitable for restaurants, bars, cafeterias and anywhere there is a table to set the table.


easekeep1 Placemat
1 Cup
1 Napkin
1 Fork
1 Knife
1 Spoon
1 Teaspoon
1 Bib
1 Wet tissue

Available in four colours colori

spiccio horeca